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New one of a kind items will be added regularly - be sure to check back from time to time! Most items shown, if already sold, can be made again to your specifications, tailored to your exact needs and preferences.

Contact us for pricing - no two items are identical! You are guaranteed to have an heirloom piece unlike any other, suitable to be passed on to the next generation.

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Live Edge Maple Shelves with robust iron brackets for mounting

Live Edge side Table with hand crafted iron base from Northern Iron Barrie Ontario 

Chef Tables at Catertrendz Banquet Facility in Toronto. The tables will have casters added and can be used by the Chefs to serve directly at tables. Live Edge 36 inches high 64 inches long. Can make similar tables to suit your requirements, with choice of size, wood type, colour and finish. Contact us for price estimate.

Computer Work Station with copper pipe legs ideal for condo. Black Cherry Slab 72 inches by 18 inches two inches thick.
Cherry and Copper Desk
Black Cherry live edge computer workstation with copper legs, ideal for condo living, or can be used as a side table. Size: 64"L x 18"W x 2" thick. Price $850.

Live edge 2 level Black Cherry table with bowtie joints, 60" x 18", $850

Solid Maple Trestle Table,  11' - 2" long by 44" wide and 2.5" thick, weighing 700 pounds. Sorry, this one is going to Tangle Creek Golf Club, but contact us if you want something identical or similar. Will stain and finish as requested. Contact us for an estimate.

Black Cherry fireplace mantels. Foreground 6 feet long 8 inches wide and four inches thick. Background 5 feet long 9 inches wide and four inches thick. Will stain and finish as requested. Price: $650

(Top picture) Small live edge table for a small space or condo. If you love live edge and don't have the room for a big piece, then go small - just need a small stool and an iPad to complete the effect. 24" x 24" Black Cherry two inches thick and 30" high. Price: $750

(Bottom picture, foreground) Companion piece for taller table, black cherry 2 inches thick, 25" high, 22" x 22"

Live edge computer work station made from 2 inch thick black cherry slab stained with Polyurethane finish. Table is 20 inches deep, 66 inches long and 30 inches high. Legs are 2x2 burnished stainless steel. Price: $1800
Live edge table at Creed's Coffee Bar in Toronto. Call for a quote.

 Live edge tables and stump tables at Creed's Coffee Bar in Toronto. Call for a quote.

Certified Heritage bench milled from a tree that was 200 years old when it was cut down 200 years ago. Price: $1200

Mirror-cut Certified Heritage bench milled from 400 year old timber. Price: $1200

Certified Heritage Harvest Table Panels from 400 year old timber: 8'L x 16"W x 2" thick - call for a quote